About Truck Loader Game

Welcome to the website which is dedicated to the Truck loader game series.. This challenging puzzle game features a little, yellow forklift responsible for loading a variety of different sized crates in a specific pattern which requires some geometry skills. At first glance, this game seems easy enough until you actually begin to play it. There are levers and elevators and taxis raining from the sky that can crush your precious crates before you have a chance to load them. The player uses the arrows on the keyboard to maneuver the forklift back and forth and the mouse to control the magnetic arm. The best thing about games such as truck loader 2 is the fact that your kids will be entertained for hours while they improve their math skills. But this neat little game with the catchy sound track isn't just for kids. Adults will feel challenged by the more advanced levels as they try to figure the fastest way to load the truck without destroying the crates. I give truck loader 2 five stars for the unique way it tricks kids into learn geometry.